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Sustainable Development Policy

This policy represents the commitment of The Cavan Centre to improving its standards for being environmentally aware, efficiently managing energy usage, waste control, recycling of materials, monitoring and control of transport usage and reduction of mains water usage. The Cavan Centre takes its responsibility for protecting the environment through its practices of waste management and effective use of its utilities and services most seriously. It takes special interest in leading by example, promoting its practices, reasons and outcomes in accordance with its ethos of empowerment and learning. Evaluating the balance between financial considerations and effectiveness of a particular practice. Staff at all levels have a role to play in ensuring that participants and themselves strive to make environmental awareness and positive waste reducing practices by actively encouraging environmental awareness into the culture of The Centre, and also by empowering through leading by example and promoting its values. This will be done in a positive and proactive manner by:-

Efficiently managing energy usage

  • Reducing the use of non-renewable fuels where possible.
  • Constantly and consistently monitoring use of utilities and fuel, while evaluating our historical and current energy usage.
  • Incorporating the use of renewable fuel source where possible.
  • Reducing the use of mains water by incorporating rain water harvesting and reduction devices.

  • Transport

  • Monitoring and evaluating our historical and current transport usage.
  • Regular care and maintenance of transport.
  • Promoting alternative methods (car pooling, bikes, walking etc.)

  • Non-renewable resources

  • Integrating waste management initiatives with current/on-going work practices.
  • Giving consideration to ethical purchasing
  • Buying locally and from renewable resources where possible.
  • Make continual and consistent effort to reduce paper usage.
  • Continuing to grow and supply our own food to staff and visitors and use this and it’s by-products as an educational tool for all.

  • Waste management

  • Constantly and consistently reducing waste materials going to landfill where possible.
  • Recycling materials through use of outside agencies where appropriate.

  • Quality of life

  • Promoting a healthy physical and emotional lifestyle to staff, visitors and volunteers through activities, food, sports etc.
  • Supporting staff and visitors by creating a healthy working environment.
  • Promoting personal development.
  • Incorporating initiatives, where possible, which reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Habitats and wildlife

  • To improve the habitats of local species and educate visitors of the wildlife which is present in our local environment.
  • Actively encourage links with the local community to incorporate local heritage and cultural resources.

  • Environmental Education

    environment notice board image

    In keeping with our ethos to keep sustainable development at the forefront of our minds and use this to educate our visitors, we have made in-roads into running a series of workshops for Dublin City Council in conjunction with Eco Unesco. While continuing to seek new ways to reduce, reuse, recycle we put in place an avenue to recycle old electronic equipment which will keep items that do not decompose out of landfill. Big steps were taken to reduce our carbon footprint with the installation of solar and PV Panels. The Centres in house maintenance team continued the project of interior insulation in the residential areas. Single gazed windows in the Centre were replaced with new double glazed units.

    The Kind of Thing We Teach

  • Every time you recycle a pile of newspapers a mile high, you save a tree.
  • Driving at 50mph is 25% more fuel efficient than driving at 70mph.
  • More than 300g of fertilisers and pesticides are used to produce the average pair of jeans.
  • Making 1 tonne of paint creates 10 tonnes of waste.
  • By washing at 40 degrees rather than 60 uses 30% less energy.
  • Every tonne of paper reused leaves 17 trees standing.
  • If all of the USA’s 75million white collar workers used 1 fewer staple each day, they’d make a saving of 2,500kgs of steel per day, that’s 900 tonnes per      year.
  • Turning off the tap while brushing your teeth can save up to 10 litre of water a day. That’s a potential saving of 5000,000 litres in a persons life time.

  • = give free food. Approx 24,000 people die from hunger every day click the ‘give free food’ on and the sites sponsors donate the equivalent of a cup of food to a hungry person on your behalf. Make it your home page and give a cup every time you go on-line.

    Tumble driers use more energy than any other household appliance, hang clothes out to dry instead. Reducing by 1 load a week can reduce CO2 emissions by 90kg a year, if you have to run loads back-to-back while the drum is hot.

    Things We Have Put In-place

  • Sustainable Energy Ireland audit
  • Log seasoning system
  • Food waste being taken
  • Environmental scoring system for groups
  • 4 stage composter
  • Signs on windows
  • Individual recycling bins in units
  • Tetra Pak recycling
  • Bottle crusher
  • Can recycling unit

  • The Bigger Picture

    We are now in the position to be able to grow flowers & vegetables from seed. The flowers are used to enhance the environment with planters, window boxes and hanging baskets. The vegetables are propagated, planted, cultivated, picked and then transported to our kitchens, where they are used to feed our visitors and then any peelings are composted and used as fertiliser for the vegetable beds and planters etc.

    The Vegetable Garden - We are able to grow our own vegetables.
    image of veg garden
    Larry’s Garden the ‘greening’ of the local environment
    image larrys garden
    Campsite & start of Sli Tony Gregory our Nature Trail
    Sli Tony Gregory our Nature Trail image

    Annual Awards Night - Environmental Awards

    The Clasac Centre was again full with friends of the Cavan Centre to celebrate the achievements of visitors to The Empowering Communities Programme. The Tony Gregory Environmental Award is presented to the group who engage most positively in recycling practices during a stay at the Centre. Congratulations to all the award recipients.

    Annual Awards Night
    image Annual Awards Night
    Receiving our Gold Award for Eco Sustainability
    image Receiving our Gold Award for Eco Sustainability
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